What I do


The soundtrack is a hidden character that plays a significant role in a movie. I compose original music in high quality sound for films, videos, theater, commercials and one off productions.

Sound Design

Designing sounds is to manipulate the invisible, working on every object and communication product through timbres, ambient sound, analog and digital audio. I can design sounds for any context including films, videos, advertising or sound art installations.

Audio Brand

I strongly believe in the power of sound, especially when it is associated with a brand. Sounds and music can absolutely give a Sound identity and help any brand to be recognized.

Audio Restore

Sometimes sounds might be recorded with background noise or unwanted sounds. It is good practice to record in the right way and audio restoration makes no miracles, but if it happens many software and some experience can give new life to a sound.

Music Production

Today anyone can make music with just a laptop. I can help musicians and songwriters to improve and enhance their songs with music arrangements, classical orchestration and/or electronic music.

mixing and mastering

Music is made of many sounds with different frequencies and needs to be optimized in a good spatiality for an optimum listening experience. A wise mixing and mastering can give the best results.
"Talking about music is like dancing about architecture" Frank Zappa

This is me

Gabriele Bochicchio

Gabriele Bochicchio

Born in Empoli (Florence), I live and work in Vinci, Florence, Italy.
Musician, composer, and Sound Designer I studied piano and music composition, acoustic and electronic music. Hobbyist maker of interaction designs using Arduino and software opensource.
From 2007 composer of soundtracks for live readings, movies, theater, documentaries, commercial videos, audio brand and sound installations.


I can complete the missing part of your project and find the right solution for any ideas. I play piano, guitar, percussion and everything makes a sound. I compose acoustic or electronic music to give a new dimension to your video. I also have some knowledge of graphic software such as Photoshop and Premiere. I love interactions design and sometimes doing some sound installation using Arduino and Processing
Music Composition:
Music Production:
Audio Editing:
Audio Restore:
Music Engraving:
"Music is mystery. It may give comfort to the soul. It can inflame and irritate. It is one of the most important useless things in the world"
Caetano Veloso



Florence University Dept. SAGAS 2017

Special mention for the jingle opening the contest "Filmare le Arti"

Florence short film festival 2014

First Prize for best soundtrack

Athens animfest 2014

Third prize for best short movie

Amarcort film festival 2013

Special mention

Pectoranum movie film festival 2013

First Prize for best short movie

Parma music film festival 2013

 Best short movie

Zone video film festival 2011

First prize for best short movie